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What is Domestic Abuse?

One woman in four reports experiencing domestic abuse at some point in their life.  The Home Office has concluded that approximately every three days one woman dies as a result of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse includes all kinds of physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse between people who are or have been partners, whether or not married and whether or not living together - men, as well as women, can be the victims.  This includes same sex relationships and can be inter-generational and take place between family members.

Child abuse and exploitation includes all abuse where an adult is the perpetrator and the child is the victim. This can include sexual, physical and mental abuse.

People experience domestic abuse or child regardless of their social group, class, age, race, disability, sexuality and lifestyle.  It can happen in the home, or in a public place.

If you need to contact someone for advice or help, please telephone 0161 331 2525 to speak to us in confidence.