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Aksa Homes is part of the Jigsaw Homes Group and owns approximately 800 homes across Oldham, Bury, Manchester and Tameside.


Jigsaw Group uses overlapped Boards to simplify its governance arrangements and to make the best use of the shared skill-set of our board members and directors.  Board meetings for organisations within the Group are held contemporaneously using overlapped meetings.  We subscribe to the 2015 edition of the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance.

Aksa Homes is governed by our Housing East Board.

Housing East Board members

  • Bruce Jassi (Chair)
  • Shoab Akhtar
  • Shalima Bibi
  • Andrew Leah
  • Janet Mutch
  • Michael Richmond
  • Jane Taylor
  • Emma Wilson

Our executive team

The day-to-day running of the Association is the job of the Group’s senior team of directors led by the group chief executive, Hilary Roberts.


As a housing association, Aksa Homes is regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing, which took on this function from the Homes and Communities Agency in January 2018.

Company registrations

Aksa Housing Association Limited
ICO registration number: Z8673690
Registered as a Community Benefit Society with FCA registration number: 27003R
Housing Regulator registration number: LH3917

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