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What is the 'Neighbourhood Network'?

Aksa Homes have set up a brand new ‘Neighbourhood Network’ – a group of our customers who want to work with us and their neighbours to improve the area where they live.

Members of the Neighbourhood Network will be called ‘Neighbourhood Champions’. They will work with us on a variety of different projects, from improving the environment to promoting community safety or getting involved in organising community fun days.

Why should I become a Neighbourhood Champion?

As a Neighbourhood Champion you will have the opportunity to act as a representative for your area and actively make your community better. Your views on how your area could be improved can help shape the ways we work together to make sure your neighbourhood is an excellent place to live.

What does it involve?

Champions will help us in lots of different ways. As a champion, you will:

  • Let us know if there are problems in your neighbourhood
  • Work with us to find solutions
  • Go on estate inspections to suggest improvements

All you have to do is sign the pledge and decide which of the activities you would like to get involved in from the following:

Keeping an eye on your community

  • Get to know people in your community
  • Look out for older and vulnerable neighbours and help them when they need a hand
  • Come along to, or help organise Neighbourhood Watch meetings
  • Listen to other residents and help them to report issues in the community
  • Work with us and the police to tackle anti-social behaviour

Monitoring Green Charter

  • When Green Charter are working in your community, let us know how they do
  • Learn which plants and shrubs you can grow on your street
  • Help neighbours with environmental issues and tell them where they can go to find out more
  • Support Green Charter by helping to organise community litter picks and action days

Helping people look after their homes

  • Tell your community about the Aksa ‘Fix It’ scheme to help other customers get low cost repairs
  • Give people important contact numbers so they know who to call in an emergency
  • Help your neighbours to reduce their energy bills
  • Help neighbours to access advice from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • Promote the Aksa HomeSwapper service