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Estate Inspections

We carry out quarterly inspections of all our properties and communal areas.  These inspections are held to enable us to identify areas of fly tipping, look at the condition of gardens and the overall appearance of the estate/street, and provide a rating of services such as gardening.

This is so that we can improve the appearance of communities and take any action necessary.  We advertise these inspections and welcome attendance from our tenants. A representative from Aksa will be present on your street/estate on the date and time announced.

Grounds Maintenance

If you pay a service charge that’s included within your rent for grounds maintenance you will receive a grass cutting service to your front garden (only).  It will also include any communal areas and a general litter pick of the area.  This work will be carried out by 'Green Charter', who are part of the Jigsaw Group Group.

If you are struggling to maintain your garden, we offer a low cost option for a Green Charter team to assist you. You can find out more in our leaflet below, or by calling us on 0161 331 2000.

Green Charter leaflet

Estate Management

Your Housing Management team will have a regular presence ‘out and about’ in your area.  We aim to keep your estate environment in a clean, safe and tidy condition and make it somewhere you are proud to live.

Working towards this we carry out estate inspections and walkabouts every quarter.


We encourage you to join us on our walkabout, as your views and ideas are very important to us.