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Tenancy Management

Welcome to Aksa and your new home.  We hope you will be happy as a tenant and make new friends in your community and neighbourhood.

For more information about your tenancy please see the Tenants' Handbook below.

View our Tenants' Handbook online
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Some key points are outlined below.

Consent To Make An Alteration

You will need written consent from us to make any alterations to your home.  This includes changing light fittings, changing your fire place, erecting a shed and fitting laminated flooring.

If you need consent, please complete a Consent Application and return to our office at 2 Medtia Square, Phoenix Street, Oldham.  Alternatively you can write to us for consent or attend your Neighbourhood surgery and speak with your Neighbourhood Management Officer.

Please do not carry out alterations before you have written permission.

Ending Your Tenancy

If you are considering ending your tenancy, please let us know as soon as possible.

You are required to give 28 days/calendar months written notice to end your tenancy.  Tenancies always end on a Sunday.

Please call into our office or Neighbourhood surgery for advice and help in completing the paperwork or call 0161 331 2525.

Change in Tenancy Details

If you wish to apply to make a change to your tenancy, please contact your Neighbourhood Management Officer on 0161 331 2525, call into our office, or attend your Neighbourhood surgery to speak to someone face to face.

Examples of changes are - name change and changing a joint tenancy to a sole tenancy.

If you have a question about any other matter that relates to your tenancy please don’t hesitate to contact us.