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Cost of running a home

You will need to know how much a home costs before applying for a property with us. You must make sure that you can afford to run your own home before you accept any offer of a tenancy from us.  

We have provided a budgeting sheet to help you work out:

  • How much money you have coming in
  • How much money you have going out
  • If you can benefit from any of our money saving tips
  • Free local advice providers who may be able to help

Download our 'Household budget planner' here.

You can also use our online 'Budget calculator'. This will help you list all of your income and outgoings as well as give you some ideas about saving money in the future.

As this calculator is new you may come across some functions that don’t work the way you would expect them to. If you experience any problems please let us know by contacting on 0161 331 2000. Your feedback will help us to improve the budgeting calculator for everyone.  

Priority bills

There are some bills which you need to make sure you pay every month, as the consequences of not paying them can be serious. For instance, if you do not pay your rent, you may be at risk of losing your home.

These include:

  • Rent
  • Council Tax
  • TV licence
  • Gas and electric
  • Water

Did you know?

  • There is a rent increase every year
  • Rent is due on Monday of each week
  • The new rent year starts in April
  • Rent statements are sent out quarterly
  • We provide all new tenants with a payment card to pay rent at the Post Office or Paypoint Outlet.
  • There are many other methods of payment that we have available, please discuss with us the best method for you.

Help with your rent

If you are applying for benefits to help you with the running cost of your home remember you may have to wait for your application to be completed and approved before your benefit is put into payment. You will have to budget to make sure you can afford your full rent and any other expenses until your benefit claim is processed and comes into effect.

If you are having difficulties paying your rent, you should contact your Account Manager straight away on 0161 331 2215. They will be able to discuss your account with you and offer help and support.


Jigsaw Group has taken all reasonable care to ensure the information provided in this section of the website is accurate. The figures given are estimates and by way of illustration only. The figures will vary depending on your own personal circumstances. Jigsaw Group will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any reliance, by any person, on any inaccuracy, error or omission within this information. If you are experiencing any problems with our leaflets or calculators, please contact us on 0161 331 2000.