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Application Forms

Not all job opportunities require a CV; some have their own application forms and processes. Here is a quick guide to help you step into work…

  • Think about why an employer may have chosen to ask people to fill out an application form rather than send in CVs. This is often so that the employer is able to specify the exact information they need to make sure they pick the right person for the job
  • Before you start to complete an application form, make a copy of it and work out what you are going to put in each section
  • Remember to follow the instructions. For example, if they ask you to complete in black ink, make sure that you do so
  • If you are completing the application form online, take time to read the instructions so that you don’t lose your work. You may prefer type out your answers on a separate document and then cut and paste them into the application form. That way you know you have a back-up and can read through and edit everything before it goes on the form
  • A good CV should help you when completing an application form as it will list dates and employers and so on. However, be sure you do not just copy your CV onto the form
  • You should also make sure that you don’t just copy and paste information you have used on one application form onto another. You can use previous job applications as a guide, but remember that each job you apply for is different, and the things the employer is looking for in the ‘Person Specification’ will also be different. You need to tailor your application to make sure it meets these different criteria for each job
  • Always check the job role and person specification to make sure you are well suited to the role you are applying for
  • If you are having difficulty showing that you have the experience or evidence required in certain sections of the form, remember you can talk about other skills you use in your life. This can show that you have learnt new skills in the past and that you are willing to be flexible and adaptable
  • Always check your application before sending it off, and ask for help from employment support services, family or friends to give you a bit of extra feedback. They may notice things you haven’t spotted, such as spelling mistakes, or they may suggest other things you can include