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Interview Questions: Hints and Tips

Although no two interviews are the same, there are similar themes which often come up. Here some popular questions are examined with tips on how to answer them to help you step into work…

Why do you want to work here?

It is important that you have done your research about the company so that you can talk about what they do and how you are suited to the job role. Make sure anything you say is relevant to the job you have applied for and highlights what you can offer the employer.

Where would you like to be in the future?

Focus on your goals and ambitions, and how you will achieve these in the organisation you have applied for. Also highlight how your personal goals will benefit the organisation, and focus on how you want to develop to be part of the team you will be working in.

Why are you leaving (or have left) your job?

The answer to this will obviously vary from person to person; however remember to think about what it says about you to the interviewer. You don’t want to come across negatively, so avoiding sounding bitter or ungrateful.

What can you offer this organisation that other candidates can’t?

Highlight any strengths that you feel are unique to yourself. Don’t be afraid to be proud of your achievements. It is good to stand out from the crowd!

What things are you good at? (What are your strengths?)

This is your big opportunity to sell yourself – talk about what makes you a good candidate for the job. Always link your strengths to the job role, and remember it is also a strength to be aware of the areas you can improve on.

What would your boss say are your weaknesses?

As mentioned above, it is a strength to be aware of any areas that you feel you need to develop. Let the interviewer know that you want to improve on any such areas so that you can become an even more valuable member of the team.

Describe a time when you did not meet your goals or objectives.

The employer is not looking to trip you here, but rather focus on how you deal with things when they don’t go to plan. This is the perfect place to highlight your problem solving skills, creativity, and initiative. Show how you have adapted and learnt from experience.

When were you most satisfied in your job?

This question is often asked to ascertain what motivates you and what gets you excited. Your answer should reflect your personality and show the interviewer that you are interested in the job role.