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Job Interviews

Job interviews can seem scary, but these few helpful pointers will help you step into work…

Before the interview

  • Plan to arrive early – Give yourself plenty of time and aim to arrive early to make sure you won’t be rushed or late
  • Do your research – Make sure you have some knowledge of the company, the job you have applied for and if possible, find out about the person who will be conducting the interview. The more you know, the easier it will be to answer any questions
  • Practice makes perfect – The best way to improve your interview technique and boost your confidence is to role play and practice saying your answers out loud
  • Prepare two questions – It is good to have at least two prepared questions to ask the interviewer. Rather than asking about salary or holiday leave, your questions should focus on an interest in the company or in your training and personal development
  • Prepare your documents – If you have been asked to bring something along to the interview, make sure you have it with you

At the interview

  • Present yourself well – Make sure you are dressed smartly and comfortably and have a positive attitude
  • Smile and use eye contact – Don’t be afraid of the interviewer, they are there to help you. Sit up in your chair and try and make your body language warm and open, avoid defensive postures such as crossed arms
  • Take care when giving your answers and don’t be afraid to ask questions – Listen carefully to everything you are asked so that you can provide a full answer. Don’t be afraid to take time to think or ask for a question to be repeated if you need to. The content of your answer is what’s important, not how quickly you respond

After the interview

  • Congratulate yourself! Interviews are a difficult process and  all your preparation is definitely worth congratulating
  • Don’t worry if you don’t hear back as quickly as you expected to. Recruitment is often a complex process and delays do happen. Get in contact with the organisation if needs be to ask where your application is up to
  • Don’t get downhearted if it isn’t the news you were hoping for – even with the perfect interview, competition for jobs is incredibly tough. Ring the organisation and ask for personal feedback on what they felt was good and not so good about your application. You can then use this feedback and experience to help you prepare for future job applications