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How we allocate our homes

We have over 800 properties in Oldham, Manchester, Bury and Tameside.  They range in type and size from one to six bedroom homes.

Nearly all of our homes are family houses with over half being four, five and six bedroom properties.  We are the largest provider of four bedroom houses in Oldham.

Our homes do not become vacant often. When we do have vacancies, we work with our local authority partners to identify new tenants from people registered on their allocation schemes.

Choice-Based Lettings

We operate a number of local lettings policies depending on location.  Choice-based Lettings give people who are applying for a home with a council or housing association, choice about the home they wish to live in.

Choice-based Lettings homes are advertised as-and-when they become available and a deadline is set for interested applicants to express an interest in the home.  This is known as ‘bidding’.

The bids for each home are then looked at and the applicant who is assessed to be in the greatest housing need, is usually given first refusal of the property.

Oldham Housing Options

You may be aware Oldham’s housing services moved to Housing Options Oldham on the 1 July 2019.  Please find attached information on how to access these services and a User Guide to help you look for properties being advertised and to place a bid.

Please note all available social housing (Housing Associations) properties are no longer being advertised via MyMove, please visit Oldham Council’s website, further information.

Click here to view the Housing Options User Guide.

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