Customer satisfaction: The results are in!

Customer satisfaction: The results are in!

You may have been asked to complete an automated telephone or text survey, asking whether you are satisfied with our services such as repairs and handling anti-social behaviour. You would also have had the opportunity to request a call back so that we can put right any problems quickly.

So what do we do with all your feedback? We use it! We use all forms of feedback to understand where we’re not doing so well and to put in place improvements that benefit our residents.

Here are some examples of how your feedback has made a difference:

Feedback about boiler related repairs

We found from reviewing a number of different sources of tenant feedback that we had some problems with how we manage boiler repairs particularly if we require parts to fully fix the issue. Your feedback told us that some boiler repairs are taking too long to repair and weren’t great at keeping you updated and informed about when you could expect your boiler to be working again.

We designed an automated reporting tool which now tells our gas teams which properties are awaiting parts and the number of days you have been waiting for parts to fully resolve your repair. When a property appears on this report a call is made to you to inform you that a part is required and we will keep you updated by text message until the repair is fully resolved. We have also made process changes to ensure that we can make decisions about new boilers more quickly to reduce unnecessary delays.

Our repairs offer

It was clear from your feedback that we needed a clear repairs offer to help you understand what we as your landlord are responsible, repairs we consider as tenant responsibility and timescales when you can expect repairs to be completed . We have recently published our Repairs procedure which can be viewed on our websites.

Renting a home

Your experience of renting a home from us generates lots of positive feedback with little dissatisfaction; however your feedback told us that the area generating the most dissatisfaction is around the standard of works completed prior to you moving in. Your feedback has helped with our review of the lettability standard to improve this in the future.

Repairs outside the property

Your feedback helped us to understand that when we complete repairs outside the property such as roofing repairs or guttering you don’t always know we have been and completed work. If you’re not at home when we visit, we now leave cards to let you know we have been and completed your repair.

Delays with repairs at height

One area that has caused concern has been delays to roof works and blocked gutters where working at height is required. The requirement to hire scaffolding in advance and on occasion the cancellation of works due to poor weather conditions has led in some cases to substantial delays in completing jobs.  We are looking at ways we can carry out these types of repairs more quickly and conveniently through different equipment.


A common theme we see from your feedback and from analysing contact from our tenants and residents is that we’re not always great at keeping our promises and ensuring you are kept updated and informed. We have made some improvements to some of our processes and the way we use our systems to help us understand where they fall down for our tenants to help us keep you better informed. We are also developing a new customer relationship management system to help us manage your contacts more consistently and effectively in the future.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to complete a survey and would like to tell us about your experience of using our services you can contact us at or by telephone 0161 331 2000.

If you haven’t already registered, another way to get involved and give us your views is through Jigsaw Rewards activities where points mean prizes! You can register here

We will be sharing more results from the surveys shortly so keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks.

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